Rethink Evangelism

Last year a good friend of mine, Paul, sent me a link to a video entitled “Regeneration vs the Idolotry of Decisional Evangelism”. I found this video most thought provoking. It seems that in the last century the gospel in America has become something different from what it originally was in church history. I feel that Paul Washer makes his case and shows good reason to be concerned. I would commend this video to all Christians for prayerful consideration. I have also taken some notes from the video on an alternative method for sharing the gospel

Notes from the Video – Alternative Method of Sharing the Gospel

  1. Does your presentation of the Gospel make people excited about what God can do for them here on earth or does it make them excited about who God is?
  2. Instead of “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.” Tell them who God is because if you give them a God made in their own image I guarantee you they’ll accept him but he won’t be the God who saves.
    “He is the creator, sustainer and Lord of all things and He is worthy of your honor and obedience.”
    Exalt God and tell them everything in their life is going to have to bend toward His will. He is not like you, repent and believe… Tell them gospel promises and warnings….
  3. Instead of “Do you know you are a sinner?”. If you ask the Devil if he is a sinner he will say “Yes, and a mighty fine one at that…” They may say yes I’m a sinner but do they really know what that means?
    As you have heard me talk about the gospel has God so worked in your life that the sin you once loved you now hate? Do you know what it means and are you beginning to see sin as God sees sin? Is boasting over sin or  in your own goodness turning to shame? Is God doing something?
  4. Instead of “Do you want to go to heaven?” Everyone wants to go to heaven they just don’t want God to be there when they get there. Political theory is all about a utopia, even godless men want a place where they get everything they want. That’s not the question, the question is “Do you want God?”
    “Is there any treasuring of Christ? Are you ashamed of how through the history of your life you have ignored him, hated, been apathetic? Is there a new desire to follow Him,  know Him, to seek Him, to delight in Him?
  5. Instead of “Do you want to pray and ask Jesus to come into your heart?” To receive Him is to open up one’s life to ongoing fellowship and communion with the risen Christ. To feed upon Him as the sustainer of one’s life. (John 6:53, John 17:3).
    Call them to repent and believe. Romans 10:9-10. Aid them in self-examination. Evaluate what God might be doing in their life. Do you have any sense God is working in your heart? Are you more open to the person of Christ and the truth of scripture? Do you have a desire to respond to the things you have heard; to forsake self and your life of sin and to trust in Christ alone?

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  1. Paul says:

    Once again brother Paul rightly handles the Word of Truth!

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