Wonderful Stuff I’ve Learned from my Daughter

My Kids on a Train

Well, I guess my title may be a little “miss”leading.  I suppose it would be more accurate if it said what I’ve learned because of my daughter.  But I love my kids and to be sure I have learned much from them.  Jesus said “Let the little children come to me and forbid them not for such is the kingdom of heaven…”.  When I help out in Sunday school or spend time with my kids I always have the thought in the back of my mind;  “Cool, I am spending time with ‘such is the kingdom of heaven’.”  Just replace your kids names with that phrase and maybe when your patience is being tested it will help and maybe it wont.  Its been a hit or miss thing with me. 😉  The trick is getting past the current circumstance which quite obviously doesn’t look anything like you may have envisioned the kingdom of heaven to be like.

Pooh – “Hello rabbit, are you home..”
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2008 Election: Banking on … ?

A World in Turmoil

While world economies are in turmoil and health care costs and quality have become problematic for many.  While natural disasters are on the rise and many are worried about global warming.  While the supply, demand and costs of energy create concern because of our dependence upon energy.  While we live in this world we are faced with these things and we will be faced with more as life goes on…

In September 2008 everyone looked sideways at the bank or the financial institution holding their retirement hoping it wasn’t going to go belly up.   Everyone felt a little insecure having placed the capital for their futures in financial institutions that were dealing in “securities” (the term security became an oxymoron).  Here in 2008 in the month of October facing all these difficulties and uncertainties we find ourselves in the midst of elections for the leaders of our nation.  The debates quickly refocused on financial issues and everyone was asking what the candidates’ plans and priorities were.  People are hoping to pick a candidate with a plan they can “bank” on, pardon the pun.  But, ultimately a plan is a plan and will have to be flexible as issues and road blocks arise and priorities change.  The formation of the plan and how it will eventually be played out is based upon the candidates view of the world.

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Back to the Source: Part 1 – Scripture on Scripture

Rather then take up a current or hot button issue it may be profitable to go back to the source.  As mentioned in the charter for this blog let us consider somethings about the source of objective truth that goes beyond our own subjective evaluations of our experiences.  I’ve always wanted to write something that would help people get more out of God’s word and I hope to get some feed back on the articles I post about scripture.

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While the posts in this blog may be eclectic their guiding principle will be a thorough consideration of reason and a commitment to conviction.  However while I may come off as stalwart in principle I tend to be more tempered in practice; unless someone else is lambasting an issue I have no problem taking it up.  I intend to write about what interests me at the time or what has been laid upon my heart.  Even so I will attempt to temper my passion for an issue with prudence challenging the reader to reconsider reasons and evaluations rather than directly or initially positing a position.

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