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Described below are templates which I have created to assist me in my personal study of the Bible and of my Faith. I hope these tools might help others as they look into the scriptures and consider what they believe and further develop their faith.

Bible Study Worksheets and Quick Reference Crib Sheets

These worsheets may be used to help with various levels of biblical study. These levels are touched on in this blog’s article Bible Study Basics – Acts of Study. In this article studying the bible has three levels R.INS.E and repeat: Read, Inspect and Examine.

Bible Book Survey Worksheets (Read)

Use this worksheet while reading through a book of the bible to perform a high level survey or overview. Start out with the first few lines recording basic information about the book. The overall theme and purpose may not be apparent until the book has been read so skip these till the end unless it apparent right from the books introduction. As you read each chapter notice repeated words and record these in the left column. In the middle column write a short summary of the chapter or portion of chapter if it apparently stands on its own like the parts of Psalm 119. After reading the book turn the sheet to the left and look for ways the key words and themes may be grouped and draw rectangles the length of the number of chapters in a segments column and record this. Some segments might be changes in location, changes in reigns of kings, topics, authors feeling etc. One example would be if your bible has outlines the sub-points would be these summary descriptions and the main points would be an example of these groupings in the far right column.

Survey Worksheet

Printable Bible Book Survey Template


Word Document – Bible Book Survey Template


Bible Passage Observation Worksheets (Inspect)

The observation worksheet is intended for a deeper level of study. From you favorite online bible app copy and paste a chapter into this worksheet’s passage section and use methods of observation including the 5 W’s and H as well as noting and marking key words, and marking connecting words such as conjunctions and comparisons including: and, or, because, therefore etc. Then use what you have learned to determine what God is saying. One example of this can be found on the Precept ministries website’s: Introduction to Inductive Bible Study.

Observation Worksheet

Word Document – Passage Observation Template


Cross Reference Study Worksheets (Examine)

See the detailed discussion of a cross reference study in the article linked here: < Cross Reference Discussion and Examples>

Cross Reference Study Templates Printable Cross Reference Study Template


Word Document – Cross Reference Study Template


Bible Passage Diagramming Templates (Examine)

Arcing Crib Sheet

Printable Bible Arcing Crib Sheet

Arcing Crib Sheet


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  1. Glenys Tranter says:

    May I make a suggestion that you put up an example of the completed worksheets, so that people can get an idea of how to fill them out.

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