Mysterious Words and Deep Roots

Commissioned to bring God’s Word

In the great commission Jesus called us as Christians to continue what He started. He called us to go into the world and make disciples. Notice Jesus didn’t call us to make adherents to a code nor individuals that ascent to Christ’s existence or even His purpose for that matter. Being a disciple is a much deeper, drop everything, don’t look back, take up the cross and yield to Me calling. Yet so many Christians struggle to find a deeper, life altering faith. Further, when we go into the world and explain the gospel to unbelievers we either struggle to make head-way or the person makes a decision, maybe gets fired up for a little while and then goes back to life as usual. Several churches have analyzed the effectiveness of their outreach and ministries only to find this lack of depth pervasive and this has befuddled many church leaders.

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