While the posts in this blog may be eclectic their guiding principle will be a thorough consideration of reason and a commitment to conviction.  However while I may come off as stalwart in principle I tend to be more tempered in practice; unless someone else is lambasting an issue I have no problem taking it up.  I intend to write about what interests me at the time or what has been laid upon my heart.  Even so I will attempt to temper my passion for an issue with prudence challenging the reader to reconsider reasons and evaluations rather than directly or initially positing a position.

Necessity of Conviction

Can we stand for truth if we do not stand against false hood?  Can we pronounce anything to be true if we are not willing to make pronouncements against falsehood? If no one ever took a stand on anything then mankind would have gotten no where.  Galileo stood on the conviction that the world was not the center of the universe,  for Columbus the world was round and the ocean could be crossed…

“At any street corner we may meet a man who utters the frantic and blasphemous statement that he may be wrong. Every day one comes across somebody who says that of course his view may not be the right one. Of course his view must be the right one, or it is not his view. We are on the road to producing a race of men too mentally modest to believe in the multiplication table. We are in danger of seeing philosophers who doubt the law of gravity as being a mere fancy of their own.”  – G. K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy

Transcendent Objectivity

The experiences we have in life are evaluated on a daily basis by our reason.  It must be realized that these evaluations have varying degrees of subjectivity.  For pure objective truth to exist a source beyond us must exist.   The only source of unequivocal objectivity we can rely upon is the Holy Scripture, the Word of God.

The sum of Your word is truth, And every one of Your righteous ordinances is everlasting. Psalms 119:160


About Last Fiddle
I have always had many interests; technology, science, philosophy, theology, politics, history, etc... Currently, life for the past twelve years has placed me in the area of technology fulfilling roles in System Administration and Architecture. But I have always been involved in the local church and enjoy researching and discussing issues of theology, philosophy, history and politics...

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